dreamstime_12526557Chiropractic care, the manipulation of the body’s joints, helps improve areas of the body with limited or restricted movement. A chiropractor will focus on the musculoskeletal and nervous system and how associated disorders can affect the overall health of the body. At LIV Integrative Health, we offer family chiropractic care, and we pride ourselves on our gentle adjustments. We also utilize the activator or drop table techniques on those who are not comfortable with manual manipulation. Chiropractic care is an excellent means of pain relief, relief of tight muscles and ligaments, muscle knots, and trigger points.

The Doctors of Chiropractic will diagnose and treat underlying causes of your aches and pains, without the use of unnecessary drugs and surgery. Stretches, exercises, therapies, and chiropractic manipulation are utilized to help restore your health. We have state of the art equipment to get you feeling better, faster!