BOTOX® is known for its benefits regarding cosmetic changes like reducing wrinkles and smoothing fine lines, but what many people don’t know is that Botox can also be used in order to control chronic pain, specifically for targeted back and nerve pain relief, as well as migraine management.

How Does It Work?

The reason Botox smooths wrinkled skin so well is that it works to block acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter in the peripheral nervous system that is responsible for stimulating muscles. By blocking the signals of the body to activate and tighten your muscles, Botox works as a targeted muscle relaxant and has been shown to relieve back pain, sciatica, arthritis, chronic headaches and migraines, and other nerve-related pain.

Benefit Of Getting Botox From Your Integrative Health Professional

Botox has a major benefit of being a highly targeted and local muscle relaxant. This means, as long as the source of your pain is identified, Botox can relieve the pain at its source for months without affecting your other muscles or nerves. The benefit of receiving Botox treatments from your integrative health professional is that we are able to target this pain source most effectively.

Candidates For This Treatment

Almost everyone struggling from chronic pain can benefit from Botox due to its minimally invasive nature and the fact that it only takes a few treatments to have relief that lasts for three or four months. However, every person is unique, so the source of pain and the direct path to pain relief will be different for every client. It’s important to discuss your chronic pain relief options with your integrative health professional, because there may be a more effective option for you specifically.

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