Ergonomics is the study of the way that we interact with the environment around us. In our Newport Beach office, ergonomics is also how we’re helping people avoid accidents and injuries, particularly in their workplace. Workplace ergonomics can help keep your body in better alignment while performing all of your work tasks, whether that’s while you sit at a desk or stand at a counter. Using ergonomics to optimize your workspace can reduce the number of repetitive motion injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

Let Our Team Help With an Ergonomics Assessment

With the right ergonomics assessment, we can help you ensure that your workplace is suitable for your entire team. This can help reduce insurance costs, worker’s compensation payouts and sick days while boosting the overall morale of your workplace. We’re available to help both Newport Beach businesses and individuals who want to interact with their environments in the safest way possible. LIV Integrative Health also offers chiropractic care that can help you overcome any issues that might already be in place, too.

Integrate Wellness into Your Workplace

Combine our ergonomics services with our Corporate Wellness programs for a comprehensive plan that can improve the wellbeing of your entire team. Our mission is to help our patients in Newport Beach with all aspects of their wellness, including their workplace wellness. Learn more about how we can help by filling out the form on this page. A member of our team will get back to you to discuss all of our services and tell you more about how we can help!