Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin. Cupping enables the blood and energy to move freely again and travel to the area to begin the healing process.

Cupping is often combined with acupuncture in one treatment, but it can also be used alone. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue and even migraines.

Like acupuncture, cupping follows the lines of the meridians. Using certain points, cupping can help to align and relax qi, striving to open the channels through which life energy flows throughout the body, including tissues and organs.

Cupping is one of the best deep tissue therapies available. It is thought to affect tissues up to four inches deep from the external skin. Toxins can be released, blockages can be cleared, and veins and arteries can be refreshed. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove the toxins that linger in your body’s tissues.

Cupping can leave marks, indicating that the stagnation or disease has been moved from the deeper tissue layers to the surface, allowing fresh oxygenated blood to nourish and heal the underlying areas.