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Longevity, integration, and vitality; these three virtues are what LIV Integrative Health stands for. We believe in giving our patients access to an integrative, multi-disciplinary, one-stop health and wellness center. We at LIV Integrative Health understand that our patients lead busy lives, and to accommodate this, we offer services from primary health care to pilates, under one roof! LIV Integrative Health is founded on the idea that health care should be designed to improve health, physical function, and alleviate pain. By bringing together a top team of specialized health care professionals, our innovative approach to patient care is made effective in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Dr. BeVier spent 7 years as a medical assistant followed by 5 1/2 years of practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic in an integrative health center. Coming from a diverse background in healthcare, Dr. BeVier is one of the best at integrating western and eastern healthcare models. Most health care professionals are trained only under their specialty, but Dr. BeVier has had the ability to train under some of the top medical physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors. With her team, Dr. BeVier uses all three approaches together for the ultimate health care plan just right for each individual patient. LIV Integrative Health is passionate about combining the best medical professionals to serve our patients and their health needs.

Dr. BeVier’s team of healthcare professionals want to treat every walk of life and exceed every expectation. We are passionate about helping people to become healthier in any way possible, all while being pain-free. LIV Integrative Health offers the most advanced products and services from an amazing team that includes a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and pilates instructor. Our office offers such a unique set up and integrative approach to healthcare and we are confident that we can find a solution to each of our patient’s needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple at LIV Integrative Health, enable people to live healthier lives through a one-stop integrative health and wellness center. Our specialists will work together to give every patient the health care services that they need. At LIV Integrative Health, every patient is an individual, not a number. We want each patient to feel completely comfortable by creating a welcoming, warm, and friendly environment. Let’s face it, there is no one approach that satisfies people’s every health care need. LIV Integrative Health ties together several different disciplines in order to achieve the best care possible for our patients. We focus on health-care and not sick-care. We are passionate about not treating just the symptoms, but taking a deeper look into the true causes of ailments that are affecting the patient. We take pride in making people well while also training them on how to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.

LIV Integrative Health wants our patients to know we will take care of them. We are confident about combining the best medical professionals to serve our patients and their medical needs. Patients can take comfort in knowing they have a place to go where they can have the healthy life they desire and deserve.


Dr. Danielle BeVier



Dr. Holly Sata MD

Medical Director

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