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Posture Correction

You know the importance of maintaining good form and posture for sports and weight training, because having a shoulder out of place or unstable hips could mean serious injury as soon as you add weight or perform an exercise repeatedly. However, improving your posture is important for your everyday life as well. Regardless of whether you sit at a desk all day or stand on your feet, your posture can determine your level of pain at the end of the day, as well as your mood and your confidence. With our posture correction services in Newport Beach, you’ll work with our highly qualified chiropractor to learn how to transform your posture with techniques, adjustments, and exercises.

There are so many benefits for maintaining a good posture, including:

Improve Spine Health

The health of your spine determines your overall health. It is the path by which all of your nerves travel, and when it is correctly aligned, your body has the tools it needs to heal itself and function better. However, if you are sitting every day for eight hours a day, hunched over your desk, then your spine is not in its optimal position and can’t do its job. In addition, when your spine is out of place, it can press on nerve endings in your back, sending shooting pains throughout your body.

Improve Muscles

When you don’t have the right posture, some of your muscles have to overwork while others are left unengaged and begin to fade.

Improve How You Look

Sitting and standing straight can easily take up to five pounds off of your appearance, as your body is now distributing your weight evenly. In addition, you look more confident, and that is a change that you will feel.

Breathe Easier

When you sit up straight, your lungs are no longer compressed and can fill easier. In addition, you are expanding your frontal tendons that, when shortened, can restrict breathing.

There are many other benefits of having the correct posture, and you will see them as you begin to notice intentional changes in the way you sit or stand becoming habits. Learn more about our posture correction services by contacting us today!


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