Her Work Is Top-Notch

There is no recommendation higher than I can give Dr. BeVier than this.  I first met “Dr.B” at a company health fair. I went in knowing that I had a “little” lower back pain from time to time as I work an office job and am at my desk for a majority of the work day.  As a former university level competitive swimmer, I have endured many injuries over two decades of training and competition, many of them still recur from time to time.  Dr. B immediately saw that my entire body was out of alignment, discovered that I have a tendency to develop a functional leg length difference, quickly adjusted me with unbelievable results.  Over the past five years, she has worked with me in developing a long term recovery plan of core strength building, massage therapy and adjustments to address the many years of personal neglect.  Today, I am moving and working better than I did before and it has been hard to believe that I did not take care of myself earlier.

Dr. BeVier creates a positive, polite and professional atmosphere for her patients and with her staff, her quality of the work is top notch; she really knows her stuff!  My procedures have always gone very well, I’d definitely recommend her to anyone that needs to get to a better and more balanced state of self.

It is my pleasure to give Dr. BeVier my sincere recommendation.

Lance L. - Orange County, CA