1. My Headaches Are So Much Better!

    My headaches are so much better since Dr. BeVier has been treating my neck pain. Overall I have more energy and flexibility again. Thank you Dr. BeVier!…Read More

    Susan H. - Orange County, CA
  2. She Increased Mobility In My Knee!!

    As a bridal and ready to wear dress designer, Dr.  BeVier helped me during a time where I needed to be on my feet and attentive to details. I was suffering from both pain and lack of mobility due to a ski accident and through her magical healing hands and knowledge of the human body as a whole, she helped me not only relieve my pain, but increased mobility in my knee during New York Bridal Fashio…Read More

    Rita V. - New York
  3. She Gets Me Back Onto The Field Quickly

    I am a competitive soccer player, and Dr. BeVier and her team has been able to teach me the proper ways to stretch, and better form in order to avoid injuries. Dr. BeVier has always been the best at treating my injuries, and she gets me back on to the field quickly.  Thanks Dr. BeVier…Read More

    Ethan S. - Orange County, CA
  4. The Entire Team Is Great

    I was referred to Dr. BeVier for treatment of chronic neck pain and she is a total rockstar! In addition to being the friendliest doctor I've ever had, she was able to significantly reduce my symptoms after only one visit and eliminate them with continued care. The entire team is great, I'd highly recommend Dr. BeVier!…Read More

    Neil D. - Orange County, CA
  5. Dr. BeVier Has Greatly Improved My Overall Health

    Over the last few years, Dr. BeVier has greatly improved my spinal and, consequently, overall health.  As a teacher, I carry a lot of my stress in my neck and shoulders and under her care, I feel less tension and tightness. Most notably, I credit my easy pregnancy to Dr. BeVier.  With regular massages, Pilates classes, and adjustments, I went 41 weeks through my pregnancy without lower back pain…Read More

    Kristine C. - Orange County, CA
  6. Her Work Is Top-Notch

    There is no recommendation higher than I can give Dr. BeVier than this.  I first met “Dr.B” at a company health fair. I went in knowing that I had a “little” lower back pain from time to time as I work an office job and am at my desk for a majority of the work day.  As a former university level competitive swimmer, I have endured many injuries over two decades of training and competition…Read More

    Lance L. - Orange County, CA
  7. Great Attitude & Positive Energy

    Dr. BeVier has treated me for over 2 years. Dr. B is always flexible with my demanding schedule and she has a great attitude and positive energy. Everyone I refer to her always thanks me.…Read More

    Dawn T. - Orange County, CA
  8. Thank You!!

    I’ve been working with Dr. B for the last 4 years or so, seeing her about once a week. I also hit the gym regularly, lifting quite heavily 5-6 days a week. Seeing her regularly has allowed me to sustain my preferred intensity and frequency at the gym, with very little issue or injury. My back and my core used to get locked up regularly, which can be a problem not only for mobility but also for b…Read More

    Sean C - Los Angeles, CA
  9. You Won’t Regret It!

    Dr. B goes out of her way with myself as well as my entire family. Several months ago my daughter moved to NYC. During the move she threw her back out. While Dr. B was in NYC, she adjusted my daughter and all was well. Besides her superb knowledge of the human body her bright and cheery attitude is contagious. It's nice to enter a business where you hear so much laughter and brotherly spirit. I'd …Read More

    John T. - California